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GreenMaps project, 2nd general meeting

November 2017




Participation in the 'energy efficiency and sustainability in the industry 4.0' forum

October 2017

Luis Romeral, co-director of MCIA will moderate "Innovation and experiences to promote smart factories", one of the tables proposed by the “Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry Forum” organized by the enerTIC Platform. The event will be held on October 4 in the framework of the IOT Solutions World Congress (Convention Center 5 (CC5), Room 5).

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D. Zurita and J. Cariño, Ph. D. Thesis Defense

September 2017


Contributions to industrial process condition forecasting applied to copper rod manufacturing process


Daniel Zurita Millán


Juan Antonio Ortega Redondo
Miguel Delgado Prieto





Fault detection and identification methodology under an incremental learning framework applied to industrial electromechanical systems

Jesús Adolfo Cariño Corrales


Juan Antonio Ortega Redondo
Miguel Delgado Prieto
René de Jesús Romero Troncoso





Kickoff meeting Ecobulk project

July 2017

The MCIA research center collaborates with Exergy and more than 30 companies more in Delft, Netherlands, to take part of the kickoff meetinf of the Ecobulck project.





Interview with Industrial Doctorate Armand Ríos

June 2017




Engineering Day 2017

June 2017

The College and the Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia (COEIC / AEIC) have celebrated their Day in an edition focused on the figure of the engineer, to know what they do, how they are and what these professionals think. This annual meeting of the Industrial Engineers of Catalonia consolidates a one more year as a meeting point for the collective and recognition to the profession.

Carlos López, who is part of the MCIA, has received the grant from the Caixa d'Enginyers Foundation for Doctoral Theses.





MINECO-LEITAT joint meeting on the call for proposals COOPERATION

February 2017

MCIA participated in the  MINECO-LEITAT conference at the head office of the Leitat Technological Center in Terrassa, about the announcement of the grant "Retos Colaboración", with the aim of creating opportunities for companies and agents of R&D, for the execution of innovative cooperative  projects.




Intelligent monitoring system for predictive maintenance in the railway sector

May 2017

The MCIA research center collaborates with the companies Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), DRACO Systems, WorldSensing and Eurecat-CTM, in the development of monitoring and supervision processes in the railway sector that contribute to increase their safety more effectively. Technologies are being developed based on acoustic emissions that allow the detection, location and diagnosis of fissure in critical elements of the bogie, as well as the evolution of such degradation.




New intelligent monitoring platform with continuous learning capacity

April 2017

The research center MCIA collaborates with the company MAPRO in the development of an intelligent monitoring platform for industrial machinery with continuous learning capacity. The project, which will be completed in 2018, is applying multivariate analysis technologies based on artificial intelligence that will allow the detection and identification of both characterized and uncharacterized anomalies in order to update and accumulate the knowledge generated during the life cycle of the machines.



New technologies for a more efficient electric vehicle

April 2017

MCIA Innovation Electronics, has collaborated with the SEAT Technical Center in the design, modeling and validation of electric traction motors based on new synchronous reluctance technologies. Tests carried out on the prototype of the engine, manufactured by the company Mavilor, confirm the potential of this technology for its implementation in the market of intercity electric vehicles.


CIT UPC and MCIA participate in the 6th Spanish Congress of Maintenance

March 2017

The MCIA group with the support of CIT UPC, participated in the 6th Spanish Congress of Maintenance, a space for discussion to share ideas and experiences in the maintenance sector organized by the Spanish Maintenance Association (AEM). In the exhibition space of the congress the research group MCIA has presented the technologies and projects developed in the field of industrial predictive maintenance.




The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, by the research group MCIA and the company SBI CONNECTORS, inaugurates the AMBER Laboratory

January 2017

The AMBER laboratory, a research and testing center equipped with the latest analysis and testing technology in the electrical energy field, has the capacity to perform very high voltage tests with two unique machines in Europe.





42nd Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON)

October 2016

E. Sala, H. Ghorbani and T. Michalski members of the MCIA participate in the IECON in Florencia (Italy). The objectives of the conference are to provide high quality research and professional interactions for the advancement of science, technology, and fellowship.




Railgrup i+D+I Comission

October 2016

Presentation of the capacities of the MCIA Research Center and the AMBER high voltage testing laboratory in collaboration with the company SBI CONNECTORS. Identification of innovation opportunities and collaborative technology transference in the railway sector.



 Presentació Lab AMBER 2.jpg Presentació Lab AMBER 1.jpg Presentació Lab AMBER 3.jpg



MCIA takes part in the International Conference on Power Systems Technology, POWERCON in Wollongong (Australia)

September-October 2016

The conference will provide an opportunity to not only explore the challenges facing the power grid of the future, but also to share a vision for solutions to those challenges.


H. Ghorbani from MCIA participates in the 18th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE)

September 2016

This conference gives researchers, application engineers and experts from academia and industry a platform for exchanging ideas to further unlock the potential of power electronics and electric drives for tomorrow’s energy transition.



MCIA takes part at the 22nd International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM)

September 2016

C. López from MCIA group presents in Lausanne, Switzerland the study: Rotor of synchronous reluctance motor optimization by means reluctance network and genetic algorithm.




BACnet Forum Barcelona - Efficiency in functional buildings in Spain

September 2016

BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) promotes the application of international BACnet communication standard for building automation and security technologies in Europe. This important industrial and business forum will be celebrated for the first time in Spain thanks to the research group MCIA of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, expert in energy efficiency, design, monitoring, control and optimization of air conditioning systems for industry and new or existing buildings. The forum, organized by MCIA and commissioned by the BIG-EU, will take place in the Vertex building of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) between the 10 and 11 of October. During these days, they will meet in Barcelona leading experts and industry manufacturers of building automation; investors, owners, building operators, facility managers and university researchers.

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21st IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA)

September 2016

E. Sala member of the MCIA participates in the ETFA 2016 in Berlin (Germany).




C. Abomailek from MCIA research group takes part in the International Council on Large Electric Systems, CIGRÉ

August 2016

CIGRE covers issues related to planning and operation of power systems, as well as design, construction, maintenance and disposal of HV equipment and plants are at the core of CIGRE's mission. Other issues related to protection of power systems, telecontrol, telecommunication equipment and information systems are also part of CIGRE's area of concern.



MCIA Center proposals for technological innovation on the railway sector.

July 2016

The MCIA Center presented his technology portfolio and specific proposals for R+D to the companies of FGC, Optimus and SBI, all of them members of the rail cluster Railgrup.


MCIA participate at the International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering, PowerEng a Bydgoszcz, Poland

July 2016

Conference CPE-POWERENG 2016 is an international wide forum for researchers, practitioners and postgraduate students to exchange new ideas and experience in the area of both power electronics and power engineering application in different systems.


TECNIO shows his new accredited logo.

June 2016

The MCIA Center, CiT UPC Newsletter.

April 2016

Energy saving trough intelligent monitoring, case study.                                                                                       .
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The MCIA center participates in the 2016 Knowledge Fair in Berga.

April 2016

The MCIA Center has attended in the 2016 the 6th edition of the Knowledge Fair in Berga, Barcelona. The Knowledge Fair has the goal to spread the knowledge about the ongoing research projects related with science and technology promoted by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and the Universitat de Barcelona. The aim is to rise the interest of the youth about the research, awakening the scientific vocations and demonstrating that the science is suitable for all. In this year's edition MCIA presented a touch interface for electric car control.



Berga   _ZE_0794.JPG   _ZE_0823.JPG


The MCIA center attend to the 22nd International water and irrigation exhibition.

March 2016

The MCIA Center has parcticipated in the technical seminars and international business meetings in SMAGUA 2016,the most important event of the water industry in the Iberian Peninsula. 


The iHook, an automatic hook for cranes gains popularity in social media.

February 2016

The company Elebia Autohooks, the Technological Center Eurecat-CTM, and the research groups of the Technical University of Catalonia, Center of Design Equipment (CDEI-UPC) and the MCIA center, works towards the development of a novel automatic hook for cranes through a National R+D framework. 
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European DePurGan project, first general meeting.

December 2015

The DEPURGAN project aims to bring to the market an efficient pig manure treatment process, with an initial investment 4 times lower compared to other solutions and operation costs being also very competitive. It base its innovative character in the use of an optimized electrocoagulation reactor, that allows nitrogen abatement, while producing as residues a solid fraction that poses great calorific potential as biomass.

BACnet Forum Barcelona.

December 2015
The next BACnet Forum 2016 will be held in Barcelona, with the support of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the MCIA research group.

CleanSky project, MAGMOLIB, final meeting.

November 2015

Magmolib project seeks to develop a modelica library of detailed magnetic effects in rotating machinery for the European Cleansky initiative. The project, supervised by DLR, Institute of System Dynamics and Control has reached the expected impact, and represents a novel tool for aeronautical motor design ready to be integrated in the industrial procedures.

VELOW project, final results.

September 2015

MCIA Innovation Electronnics has participated in the design and development of the power converter as well as its functional testing and validation. The results of the project include an engine-converter performance over 90%, a maximum torque of 90Nm and a mechanical power of 12kw, and speeds up to 80 km/h.

MCIA Innovation Electronics, Summer General Meeting 2015

July 2015

The VEUREE project in ecomotion

May 2015


The VEUREE project appears in the first number of the new ecomotion magazine. You can read the full article here. 


New tools to control and energy optimization

May 2015

The center MCIA has participated in the development of two tools to assist in the design and management and operation of energy in different areas, focusing on tertiary sector buildings. The project was developed within the INNPACTO call from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. 

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European project Magmolib of the CleanSky program, general meeting.

May 2015


The MCIA team responsible of the developments of the European project Magmolib, presents in the Munich headquarters of the German Aerospace Center the current project status. The good progress of the project allowed to open new lines of work.

MCIA Center Innovation Electronics is invited to the ICEIT 2015

April 2015


Mr. Juan Antonio Ortega participates in the keynotes speakers sessions during the celebration of the Ist International Conference on Electrical and Information Technologies, ICEIT 2015, in Marrakech. Mr. Juan Antonio Ortega presented the MCIA Center scientific experience around advanced signal processing and artificial intelligent tools for robust industrial diagnosis systems.

CIT UPC at Cluster Moto

March 2015

 The UPC Technology Center (CIT-UPC) formalized its affiliation to the Cluster for Motorcycle Technology Advancement trough the MCIA Center Innovation Electronics.

The cluster is composed of 53 Spanish motorcycles companies (components manufacturers or service providers), with the aim to make innovation the main competitive advantage for companies.

MCIA Innovation Electronics visits the Center of Reliable Power Electronics, CORPE, in Aalborg University.

February 2015


Mr. Luis Romeral and Mr. Ramin Salehi visit Mr. Francesco Iannuzzo from CORPE, Aalborg University. The meeting objective was to define collaboration activities between both institutions around power electronics and reliability

Advances in the PulsedPower2 project with Fraunhofer IGB

February 2015


Clear the stage of development and assembly by MCIA the power equipment specified in PulsedPower2 collaborative project with Fraunhofer IGB.

Follow-up meeting of the European project Magmolib of the CleanSky program

February 2015

The team behind the European project Magmolib meets the Topic Manager, Mr. Martin Khun of the German Aerospace Center, Institute of System Dynamics and Control. During the follow-up meeting results achieved so far and good progress was checked thereof were reviewed.

H. Saavedra, Ph. D. Thesis Defense

February 2015

Analysis and design of fault tolerant axial flux permanent magnet synchronous motors.


Jordi Roger Riba Ruiz and Luis Romeral Martínez



President: Abelardo Martínez Iturbe (Universidad de Zaragoza)

Secretary: Santiago Bogarra Rodriguez (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC)

Vocal: Victor Martin Riera-Guasp (Universitat Politècnica de Valéncia, UPV)

Follow-up meeting MoNiPro project

January 2015

Technical work of implementing the project MoNiPro progressing as planned implementation schedule, as it was found in follow-up meeting which took place on Friday 16 January, at the facilities of the building GAIA UPC and in which participate representatives of La Farga, CTM and MCIA-UPC.


Work Meeting between FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences and MCIA Center from UPC

December 2014

As a result of the good relations between members of the FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Kapfenberg, Austria, and the MCIA Center, were held days of work led by Mr. Raúl Estrada and Mr. Antoni Vázquez García Espinosa seeking held collaborative projects and strategies.


MCIA involved in the day 'Connectem la innovació' organized by Orbital 40, which hosted companies and research groups

November 2014


"We connect innovation" is part of the programming "Terrassa in orbit", a set of actions by Orbital 40 intended to spread, give visibility, promote the R+D activity in Terrassa and bring closer the agents in this ambit. 

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MCIA staff is awarded with the “Best Presentation Recognition” in the IEEE IECON 2004

November 2014

The Dr. Fabio Andrade and the PhD candidate Konstantinos Kampouropoulos, have been awarded with the “Best Presentation Recognition” for the technical competences shown during the presentation of the papers “Study of Large-signal Stability of an Inverter-based Generator Using a Lyapunov Function”, and “Optimal Control of Energy Hub System by the use of SQP Algorithm and Energy Prediction” respectively.

diploma_blanc fabio_diploma diploma_tronja kostas_diploma

MCIA researchers begin to develop the electric car of the future

October 2014

In the framework of the international project Iberoeka called VEUREE, a new high-performance electric vehicle is designed, with the participation of MCIA researchers, together with researchers from Manresa Technology Centre. The new vehicle dispenses with the traditional mechanical train and work with a motor in each wheel and fault tolerant technology, allowing driving to the garage when the car has a fault in any phase of the motor or electronic converter that controls it. The vehicle will be ready in 2015 and will be built by the Mexican company TC Technologies.

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Laplace Lab. and MCIA Research Center

October 2014

The PhD Antoine Picot, Associate Professor at the INP Toulouse, carries out its second stay at MCIA working around monitoring and diagnosis of mechatronic systems based on signal processing and artificial intelligence techniques.


MONIPRO project, kickoff meeting

October 2014

The MONIPRO project, founded under the EEA Grants CDTI framework, aims to increase the energy efficiency capabilities of La Farga Rod company, thereby reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. It is planned to develop a new software-based system to predict the quality of the final product, providing reaction time to avoid production losses and its associated energy costs.


Presentation of activities between EM&D and MCIA

October 2014

The researcher Sandra Milena Gutierrez Tellez, from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, perform the presentation sessions of activities between the research group EM&D and MCIA about electric mobility, Smart grids and modeling and control and diagnosis of electric machines. This work sessions are intended to serve to detect the common research activities between entities and analyze possible ways of scientific and technological collaboration.

Sandra_Milena_1 Sandra_Milena_3

HSP Digital and MCIA Research Centers towards the intelligent diagnosis

Septembre 2014

Professor René de Jesús Romero Troncoso, from the Universiad de Guanajuato and Director of HSP Digital Research Center, has visited MCIA Research Center in a collaborative framework between both entities around diagnosis methodologies applied to mechatronic systems.

Seminar on Electrical Machines and Drives Systems by Mr. Onur Misir from Leibniz-Universität Hannover

Septembre 2014

Mr. Onur Missir, under an Erasmus Teaching Mobility Agreement, has carried out an 8-hour seminar in regard with Electrical Machines and Drives Systems, especially in the topics of winding, air-gap permeance and electromagnetic force. During the stay Mr. Onur has participated in teaching methods exchange and open discussion sessions with the MCIA Research Center experts in Design and Analysis of Electrical Machines.

MCIA attend to the presentation of the projects funded by the EEA Grants 

Septembre 2014

MCIA staff attend last 10 of September to a presentation in CDIT facilities, where were showed the selected projects in the second edition of the Environment and Climate Change platform funded by the EEA Grants. It was showed 101 innovative projects related with environment, energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change. These projects have involved up to 110 Spanish companies.

Meeting and activities of MCIA Innovation Electronics, Summer Days 2014

July 2014

M. Salehifar, Ph. D. Thesis Defense

July 2014

Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control of Multiphase Voltage Source Converters For Application in Traction Drives

Juan Manuel Moreno Eguilaz


President: Sergio Busquets Monge (Technical University of Catalonia, Spain)
Secretary: Eduardo Ramon Galvan Diez (University of Sevile, Spain)
Member: Julio César Urresty Betancourt ( ALSTOM WIND- Barcelona)



R. Salehi Arashloo, Ph. D. Thesis Defense

July 2014

Fault Tolerant vector control of five-phase permanent magnet motors

Supervisors: Dr. Luis Romeral Martínez

President: Antoni Garcia Espinosa (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España)
Julio César Urresty Betancourt ( ALSTOM WIND- Barcelona)
Member: Suresh Perinpanayagam (Cranfield University, College Road, UK)



MCIA Center, in collaboration with the Tecnológico de Monterrey, welcomes students from master to oversee their stay and development of final project

July 2014

The student Juan Antonio Franco, from Tecnológico de Monterrey University, Campus Queretaro, Mexico, completes her master's project in Manufacturing Systems (MMS), after her six months stay in the MCIA Research Center.

MCIA collaborates with Ampeer Team

July 2014

Ampeer Team was born with the objective of participating in such challenge, using the experience gained in the previous edition with the design of BRUC 01.

The team made up by future engineers and designers from ELISAVA and ETSEIB, Ampeer, has developed the project «Bruc Electric Motorbike», which was presented on the 1st July at the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona.


The Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge has the purpose of promoting the academic development in technology. The participants have conceptualized, designed, created, and built an electric motorbike for two people, specially aimed for students.


Eleven university teams from Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Cuenca (Ecuador), Wroclaw (Poland) and Moscou (Russia) will present prototypes that will have to overcome different static and dynamic tests.


You can see a presentation of BRUC 2.0 in the following link:

BRUC 2.0

MCIA represents the research of Universities in a promotional video of Terrassa

July 2014
UPC is a very important element in Terrassa. MCIA have the honor to represent the University in the new promotional video of Terrassa. In the video you can see few members of MCIA working in the mechatronic lab.

TimeLapse1 TimeLapse2

Maria Teresa Outeurio and Giuseppe Buja visit MCIA to start technology transfer collaborations

July 2014
M. T. Outeiro of the Department of Electrical Engineering in Institute of Engineering of Coimbra and Giuseppe Buja of the University of Padova visit MCIA facilities to start scientific collaborations between research groups.
VisitaBACK VisitaFront

MCIA Innovation Electronics celebration meeting

June 2014

José Luis Romeral discusses about MCIA in an interview in the media

June 2014
José Luis Romeral, director of MCIA, gave an interview where he spoke of the MCIA, the tasks performed and the current situation. The interview is part of a report about Innovation in Vallés Occidental.
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PareGAIA JoseLuisRomeral

Smart Grids seminar, mobility solutions with hybrid vehicles

May 2014
José Luis Romeral, director of MCIA, was a speaker at the seminar where they were discussed the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles, ambit where hybrid vehicles are positioned as a good alternative.
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seminari   seminari1   seminari2

MCIA Research Center, maintenance and industrial manufacturing.

May 2014
The industrial experiences carried out by the MCIA Research Center allows a brief discussion about the importance of the industrial maintenance and the industrial manufacturing sector.
mosycousis5 mosycousis6

MOSYCOUSIS project dissemination activities

May 2014


After the finalization of the MOSYCOUSIS project, the resulting prototypes and technological contributions receive the media attention.

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mosycousis3 mosycousis4

I Conference on research and technological innovation at UPC Terrassa Campus

May 2014


The aim of this conference is to disseminate knowledge and technological innovation that is being generated on campus.

Currently, more than 400 researchers in addition to technical support for research projects work on the Campus of the UPC in Terrassa. Moreover, around 150 PhD students from more than 20 countries around the world work on the Campus of the UPC in Terrassa. This great source of talent and knowledge is distributed in 38 research groups, 2 departments, 22 departmental sections, the textile institute and the Catalan Plastic Center.

The agenda of this day conference includes various presentations given by staff renowned researcher who has his place of work in the UPC's Terrassa Campus, sessions and poster presentations by young researchers who are already a future promise thanks to the research carried out.

The agenda of this conference includes different presentations, given by researchers of the UPC's Terrassa Campus, as well as oral sessions and poster presentations by young researchers who are a future promise thanks to the high quality research that is taking place.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Jordi Ballart, Mayor of Terrassa and Mr. Antoni Girò, Rector of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) visit the laboratories of the MCIA Center.

5_1   5_2   5_3

The European MOSYCOUSIS project, acoustic emission as advanced diagnostic tool

May 2014

The MCIA Research Center, together with six industrial and research European institutions has devoloped a wireless sensor system that can detect small flaws in industrial machinery by means the analysis of the acoustic emission signature generated by the machine during its operation, which allows predictive maintenance procedures.

+ [only in Spanish]
mosycousis1 mosycousis2

J. Hernández-Guiteras, Ph. D. Thesis Defense

March 2013

Contributions on corona onset voltage calculation for EHV and UHV substation connectors

Supervisors: Dr. Luis Romeral Martínez and Dr. Jordi Roger Riba Ruiz



President:  Andrea Cavallini (Università degli studi di Bologna, Italy)
Secretary: Joan Gabriel Bergas Jane (Technical University of Catalonia, Spain)
Member:    Saïd Lalaouna (SBI Connectors, Spain)


MCIA Research Center, internal formation activites: Managing Intellectual Property

February 2014

The staff of MCIA Research Center receives a three-days course by ZBM Patents & Trademarks focused on electronics and software developments.

Patents_1  Patents_2

MCIA videos, meet us!

January 2014

Energy optimization
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial electronics
Electric drives

MCIA Research Center - Winter'13 General Meeting

December 2013

MCIA Research Center organized the internal winter'13 general meeting. During the different working sessions, the scientific and technology transfer activities were evaluated. The objectives and challenges for the next year were presented.

MCIA_Annual_Meeting13_1 MCIA_Annual_Meeting13_2 MCIA_Annual_Meeting13_3

MCIA Research Center and Fraunhofer-IGB, technology tranfer collaborations at GAIA facilities

December 2013

Mr. Bentsian Elkin, from Fraunhofer-IGB, and Mr. Vicente Sala and Mr. Mehdi Salehifar, from MCIA Research Center, work together under a technology transfer agreement between both entities.

Franhoufer_IGB_1 Franhoufer_IGB_2

Industrial Predictive Maintenance, Seminar with Mr. David Faro, General Manager at Preditec/RM

Decembre 2013

Mr. David Faro presents the latest trends in Industrial Maintenance systems, from classical corrective and preventive strategies to the most novel predictive approaches.

Predictive_maintenance_seminar_1 Predictive_maintenance_seminar_2

B. Bader, Ph. D. Thesis Defense

December 2013

An Energy Management Strategy for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Supervisors: Dr. Luis Romeral Martínez and Dr. Gerhard Lux

President: Jordi-Roger Riba (Technical University of Catalonia, Spain)
Secretary: Juan José Valera García (University of the Basque Country, Spain)
Member: Eloy Irigoyen Gordo (University of the Basque Country, Spain)


B.Bader:thesis_1 B.Bader_thesis_2 B.Bader_thesis_3

MCIA attends the third European project EUROENERGEST General meeting

December 2013
+ [only in Spanish]



F. Andrade, Ph. D. Thesis Defense

October 2013

Study of stability and non-linear control applied to microgrid

Supervisors: Dr. Luis Romeral Martínez and Dr. Jordi Cusidò i Roura

President: Josep María Guerrero (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Secretary: Mauricio Muñoz (LEAR Coorporation, Spain)
Member: Antoni García Espinosa (Technical University of Catalonia, Spain)


F.Andrade_thesis_1 F.Andrade_thesis_2 F.Andrade_thesis_3

MCIA participates in Terrassa Orbital 40

October 2013
MCIA participates in Terrassa en Órbita,  a set of confereces with the local industrial sector towards the technology transfer.

Terrassa_en_orbita_1 Terrassa_en_orbita_2

The MCIA Center presents the final results in the VERDE Project, the electric vehicle closer and closer.

September 2013


The MCIA Center that has participated in the project CENIT VERDE during the past four years, has presented the final results: electric traction chains, monitoring and control equipment and vehicle recharge management, during the closing ceremony held at the SEAT Technical Centre. The Secretary of State of Research, Development and Innovation, Ms. Carmen Vela, attended the event to observe the developments.


The AMBER laboratory starts to work

September 2013


The AMBER laboratory of High Voltage equipment used in Energy Transmission systems is visited by the Infraestructure’s Vicerector, Mr. Josep Bosch Espelta, the Rector’s delegate in the Terrassa’s Campus, Mr. Francesc Astals, and the Endesa Catalonia’s Director, Mr. Josep Maria Rovira.

AMBER is a Research Center focused on Innovation, Development and Validation of High Voltage equipment used in Energy Transmission systems. AMBER belongs to the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), and is administrated by the MCIA research group.


2_1   2_2   AMBER

Professors from Guanajuato and Autónoma de Querétaro Universities visit MCIA facilities to start scientific collaborations between research groups.

September 2013

Professors_visit_september_1 Professors_visit_september_2

MCIA Research Center holds the VEUREE IBEROEKA project kick-off

September 2013

Velow_kickoff_1 Velow_kickoff_3 Velow_kickoff_4

J. J. Cárdenas, Ph. D. Thesis Defense

September 2013

Load Forecasting on the User-side by means of Computational Intelligence Algorithms

Supervisors: Dr. Luis Romeral Martínez and Dr. Antoni García

President: Norma Anglani (University Degli Studi de Pavía, Italy)
Secretary: Mónica Millán Giraldo  (University Jaume I, Spain)
Member: Carlos Correjo (TOTAL, Research&Development, France)


J.Cardenas_thesis_1 J.Cardenas_thesis_4 J.Cardenas_thesis_3

The professor Raúl Estrada Vázquez from FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Kapfenberg, AUSTRIA, visits the MCIA facilities.

August 2013

The professor Raúl Estrada presents the research and technologic transference activities carried out in his research Center, mainly related with the electric vehicle developments. An open discussion takes place in order to plan the collaborations between institutions.

1_1   1_2

MCIA collaborates with the ETSEIB eam inthe Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge

July 2013
A team formed by students from the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (ETSEIB), Technical University of Catalonia - BarcelonaTech (UPC), has participated in the Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge with the electrical motorbike BRUC01, the motorbike has been developed together witth students from the School of Design and Engineering ELISAVA. Theprofessor Manuel Moreno, member of the MCIA Center, has lead the ETSEIAR student's team. +

Bruc01Team BRUC03_motorbike BRUC02_logos

MCIA Research Center attends to the POWERENG

May 2013

The PHD candidates, Mr. Fabio Andrade and Mr. Harold Saavedra, attend to the 4th IEEE International Conference on Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives, held in Istanbul, in order to present their works “New Mathematical Model of an Inverter-Based Generator for Stability Studies of Microgrid Systems” and “Magnet shape Influence on the Performance of AFPMM in a Torus Configuration” respectively.

powereng1   powereng2

Meeting and activities of MCIA’s members, May 2013.

May 2013


Meeting and activities of MCIA’s members, March 2013.

March 2013


MCIA Research Center - Summer'13 General Meeting

June 2013

MCIA Research Center organized the internal summer'13 general meeting. The partial results of the different activities were evaluated.

MCIA_Summer13_Meeting_1 MCIA_Summer13_Meeting_2MCIA_Summer13_Meeting_3

MCIA completes the first MOSYCOUSIS system prototype

December 2012
The engineering team formed by members of MCIA and CTM, with the collaboration of the Tyndall Research Centre (Ireland), has completed the first MOSYCOUSIS prototype composed by the smart sensor based on acoustic emission and the expert system software for data inspection. This prototype is developed under the MOSYCOUSIS project of the FP7 framework.



The rental mobility solution by means of electric vehicle technologies

December 2012
The VELOW project (Electric Vehicle Low Cost for carsharing), aims to develop a full electric city-car for rental. The project is being developed by the Fundaciò CTM Centre Tecnològic and the MCIA research center from UPC, together with automotive sector companies.
+ [only in Spanish]


The MCIA Center Director, Mr. Luis Romeral, participates in the conference "Sessions of the Chamber of Commerce"

May 2012
Luis Romeral, director of the MCIA, participated in a series of lectures of the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain. The session raised key points of research at the university and how it will be important as technology transfer to the private sector. Mr. Ferran Gironès, R+D responsible in the Optimus company, participated also in the conference as well as an audience formed by private and public sector representations.
+ [only in Catalan]

Cámara de Comercio Terrassa

MCIA collaborates with the ENSET University, Rabat

April 2012
Professors of the MCIA Center collaborate in the Conference on Control and Diagnosis of Electromechanical Systems organized by the Equipe de Recherche en Electromécanique Diagnostic et Commande (EREDC) of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de l'Enseignement Technique (ENSET-Rabat). The collaboration between groups is leaded by the professors Juan Antonio Ortega and Soumia al Hani respectively, and it may result in possible ways of collaboration between laboratories by PhD students related to the control and diagnosis of electromechanical systems.



MCIA Research Center and Optimus, technology tranfer collaborations at GAIA facilities

December 2011

Mr. Ferran Gironès, from Optimus, and Mr. Vicente Sala, from MCIA Research Center, work together under a technology transfer agreement between both entities.


MCIA Research Center attends to the Vth CENIT VERDE project General meeting

November 2011
Last November the 24th and 25th, the V Cenit Verde General Meeting took place in Madrid, on the premises of Red Eléctrica de España. In this meeting the latest scientific and technological work was presented to all the members of the consorcium and the research organisms.
MCIA presented the work made in the different activities, specially focused on Vehicle Charge Management and New Traction Chains for the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle.
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Romeral asamblea verde

Technology transfer, seminar with Professor Seung-Ki Sul

November 2011
Professor Seung-Ki Sul, Seoul National University, South Korea, IEEE Fellow since '00, visited MCIA facilities. The professor Sul and different members of the MCIA Research Center, carried out a set of pesentations and talks about the current activities developed with the Industrial sector from MCIA and EEPEL labs.

Professor Seung-Ki Sul Professor Seung-Ki Sul 2

A delegation of Chinese bussinessmen visit the UPC Campus and MCIA Research Center facilities

July 2011
A Chinese delegation has visited the campus of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Terrassa. They are 45 senior managers of thirty Chinese companies in the sector of electricity and electronics. They are interested in knowing the workings of the research groups and technological innovation of the university related to their work.Xavier Cañavate, director of the Engineering School of Terrassa, explained that "our school and our university are proud to have a high international profile and communicate with many countries in Europe and Asia. In fact, we have students from your country to our university and researchers who work with us on campus. Therefore, we hope that your visit is pleasant and helpful and provide the opportunity to strengthen relations between our countries and our institutions."
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MCIA Conference: Energy Efficiency - Innovation and Applications

November 2010
The MCIA Research Center carries out a technical conference entitled “Energy Efficiency: Innovation and Applications”, in the mNACTEC (Museum of Science and Technology of Catalunya). The objective of this conference is to make a tour across all the different possibilities for the energy efficiency optimization, through the experiences and real applications in the electrical engineering and industrial electronics fields. The conference is organized by the Councillor of University and Society of Knowledge, from the Terrassa Council, and MCIA Research Center, from UPC.

MCIA Research Center will lead the scientific development in the Spanih Electric Vehicle definition

June 2010

The MCIA Research Center, located in Campus Terrassa of the Technical University of Catalonia, directs the statewide scientific project to build the first green car of SEAT. This project, named CENIT VERDE, is part of the program of National Strategic Consortia for Technical Research (CENIT in Spanish). It has a budget of 34 million euros and the participation of 16 companies. José Luis Romeral, MCIA’s Director, has been invited by the Innovation Club of the CECOT, in order to explain this project. Along with him, there will be participating Santi Castellà, who is the head of the Technical Center of SEAT; Ramon Comellas, the president of CIRCUTOR. S.A. (one of the companies taking part of the CENIT VERDE) and Roger Marcos, head of the energy saving and efficiency area of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
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The scientific contents of the National project CENIT VERDE are exaplined to the media at MCIA Research Center

June 2010

The National project CENIT VERDE represents the future of the electrical vehicles developments as a new concept of transport sector. The National project CENIT VERDE represents a significant opportunity for the MCIA Research Center to move closer the 
scientific and technological developments in the field of the electric and hybrid vehicles to the main componies around the automotive sector in Spain .
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Interview with Industrial Doctorate Armand Ríos

Participation in the 'energy efficiency and sustainability in the industry 4.0' forum