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Inside the University

The formation capabilities of the MCIA Center represent one of their main pillars.
First of all, most of the senior staff are professors at the university, and they teach regularly subjects in the Degrees and Masters of Aeronautic and Industrial Engineering.
Apart from the more academic branch, students from the university, or from abroad, have the opportunity of join the group and participate within the projects that are being carried out. So, The MCIA Center usually has small and medium projects that graduate and undergraduate students can participate. This activity allow them to gain experience in a technical and scientific environment. The MCIA Center offers and maintains student’s grants or contracts to help interested people during their stay. Also, international projects in which MCIA Center is involved need, in many cases, the participation of qualified students, who can develop master thesis or industrials stays as a part of an international engineering staff.

One level up, the MCIA Center has long term projects where budget is available to fund thesis, for either local and foreign students. Thesis duration lasts for a time between three and four years, and part of the work might be developed in the student’s country.

Outside the University

The MCIA Center has also a great potential for formation courses, specially for companies. Some of the staff collaborates with companies in order to teach and give specilized courses and/or seminaries to their employees. Although these activities are not as common as the academic formation, this branch is also a very important action for the Center.

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