About Us

MCIA research and transfer activities can be historically structured in three main areas:

Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable Mobility, especially electric, particularly in the design of Electric Traction equipment and control of electric vehicle powertrain related subsystems, provided with great experience in Industrial Electronics focused on industrial electrical applications, particularly developing power converters and digital control systems.

KeyWords: Electric Powertrain, High Performance Electric Motor (SynRm_PMs, PMSM / IPM and BLDC), High Temperature and High Frequency SiC/GaN Power Electronics and  Battery Management Systems.

High Power Electric Systems

High Power Electric Systems, referring to the improvement of the energy usage of Electric Systems, mainly at the transport and distribution networks and end user infrastructure through the design and optimization of the equipment, as well as the Protection and control electronics of the equipment, with simulation and testing capabilities in high-voltage and high-current experimental facilities.

KeyWords: High Voltage AC Transmission, Corona Effect and Mitigation, High Temperature Low Sag Conductor (HTLS), High Power DC Systems and energy control.

Digital Industry

Digital Industry, referring to the application of data-based models and techniques in high digitalization environments, specifically developing Intelligent Supervision and optimization systems for industrial processes and Energy Management systems for energy equipment used in secondary and tertiary sectors.

KeyWords: Electric power train, Energy management in electric and hybrid vehicles, Vehicle recharge systems, Vehicle communications, Design and control of electric machines, Electromechanical actuators, Motor control implementation, Drive diagnosis, fault tolerant drives, Advanced motor design, Aeronautic/automotive applications and EV/PHEV power drive control.