MCIA Research Center will lead the scientific development in the Spanih Electric Vehicle definition

The MCIA Research Center, located in Campus Terrassa of the Technical University of Catalonia, directs the statewide scientific project to build the first green car of SEAT. This project, named CENIT VERDE, is part of the program of National Strategic Consortia for Technical Research (CENIT in Spanish). It has a budget of 34 million euros and the participation of 16 companies. José Luis Romeral, MCIA’s Director, has been invited by the Innovation Club of the CECOT, in order to explain this project. Along with him, there will be participating Santi Castellà, who is the head of the Technical Center of SEAT; Ramon Comellas, the president of CIRCUTOR. S.A. (one of the companies taking part of the CENIT VERDE) and Roger Marcos, head of the energy saving and efficiency area of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
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