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Work with us


Partnership for research and technology based projects

The participation in National and European scale projects represents one of the main activities of the MCIA Center. Usually, a multidisciplinary consortium is required to develop research and technology transfer projects, where MCIA Center has an extensive experience. The MCIA Center  is always open to collaborate as either Project Coordinator or Research Center partner. Contact with us for more information.


Scientific collaboration

The MCIA Center has a continuous research activity by means of the development of Ph.D. theses. The international congresses attendance by the MCIA Center members, together with international Ph.D. internships, result in scientific collaborations around the MCIA Center areas of work. Generally, this collaborations are materialized by means the contribution to international congresses or journals. Contact with us for more information. 



Professor Seung-Ki Sul





Academic activities

The MCIA Center has experience in the participation on national and international academic programs by means of the organization or collaboration in academic activities such as masters, seminars, students exchange among others.

One of the most characteristic international academic participation was the collaboration with the CAR-ECOLOGY initiative, “New Technological and Ecological Standards in Automotive Engineering”, an European Master founded by EU Education and Culture Lifelong Learning Programme. The initiative was financed by the European Community with the aim to develop a European Master about electric and hybrid vehicles technologies. The MCIA Center Innovation Electronics participated transferring its knowledge and experience together with Universities from Belgium (KdG), Germany (Köln), Poland (Wroclaw), Austria (Graz), Greece (Thessaloniki) and Spain (Valencia).


Ph.D. students positions

The MCIA Center has long term projects where scientific and technical activities are considered, and a Ph.D. positions are required. Thesis duration lasts for a time between three and four years. Contact with us for more information.


Professors stays

The national and international relationships between researchers and professors are usual and always welcome. The MCIA Center is interested in advanced educational tools and procedures to acquire and improve educational skills, so, the academic methods exchange with visitant professors is higly interesting for its members. Furthermore, the MCIA Center has, sporadically, some short term need of highly qualified researchers, to participate, develop or leading international projects. Contact with us for more information.


Students stays

The MCIA Center  usually has small and medium academic projects related with the innovation and technology transfer activities developed by the MCIA Center staff. Although the academic projects are done independently, master students can gain experience in an international environment outside their country. Also, international projects in which MCIA Center is involved need, in many times, the participation of qualified students, who can develop master thesis or industrials stays as a part of an international engineering staff. Contact with us for more information.