Mechatronic Systems Lab

The Mechatronics Systems Laboratory of MCIA Research Center has 50m2 divided in 6 workplaces. The laboratory has 4 experimental benches with 2 electric drives each one. Also, the laboratory dispose of instrumentation and measurement equipment for electric and mechanic physical magnitudes.

Equipment and Instrumentation

The projects and studies carried out in this laboratory are related with Electric Drives in Industrial and Transport Applications, specially the following areas.

  • MicroLabBox DSpace for HIL performance and control development
  • Power TPS 2024 (Tektronix)
  • Oscilloscopes TDS 1002 (Tektronix)
  • Portable THS 720P (Tektronix)
  • Programable Power Supply 400V 26kW (AMREL)
  • Power Analyzer (VOLTECH)
  • Control Drive equipment
  • Electrical Bench PMSM (1,45 KW)
  • Electromechanical Bench PMSM (1,45 KW)
  • Electrical Bench Induction Motor (1,1 KW)
  • Electrical Bench IM & PMSM (up to 10 KW)
  • 400 V Three-phase Power Cabinet (3,1KVA/25KVA)
  • Laser D450 Shaft Alignment System
  • Industrial HMI for SCADA systems
  • High Current Probes
  • High Voltage Differential Probes
  • IR Pyrometers
  • RLC Meters
  • RLC Power Loads


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