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Electronic Applications Lab


Electronic Applications Lab of MCIA Center has 75 m2 distributed in 10 workplaces. The projects and studies that are made in this lab are related with different working areas.


Power Electronics
Digital Systems
Electronic Instrumentation
Control Systems
Telecommunication Systems
Electro-acoustic  Systems

Equipment and Instrumentation

This lab arranges equipment and instrumentation needed to deal with any kind of project in the working areas.


  • NI acquisition system
  • Systems and Platforms of digital processors prototyping
  • Equipment for Power measures
  • Oscilloscopes TDS 2 Chanels Tektronix
  • Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers Agilent
  • Oscilloscopes TPS2024 4 Channels 200MHz Power Tektronix
  • Oscilloscope DPO7054  4 Channels 500MHz Tektronix
  • Symmetrical Lab Power Supply, Triple of 30W – 50W (Agilent)
  • Power supply  (3kW) XFR Xantrex
  • Programmable signal generators 20MHz (Agilent)
  • Distortion analyzer PM6304 (Philips)
  • Voltage Probes Tektronix
  • High Voltage Probes Tektronix
  • RLC Meters
  • Active components analyzer
  • Active and Passive Current Probe
  • Power R-L_C Loads
  • Welding Station SMD
  • Mechanized and Prototyped workbench
  • Anti ESD Workbenches

General view of the lab

Detail of Digital Electronic System Bench

Detail of Power Electronics System Bench