The services that the MCIA Center provides to the University and the companies are closely related to each other.

In particular, the research activity of the center includes scientific research with the aim of knowledge generation, as well as applied research within many R&D projects. On the other hand, the center promotes technology transfer from research activities to the market through companies and administrators.

Therefore, center activities are diversified in research, innovation and technology transfer to the industry in the following fields:

Sustainable Mobility:

  • Control of high-performance electric motors.

  • Design of high-voltage SiC/GaN power electronics.

  • Development of AC/DC and DC/DC power converters.

  • Control Battery Management Systems (BMS).

High Power Electrical Systems:

  • Optimization of electric energy transport and usage equipment.

  • Design and control of electric equipment.

  • Supervision and regulation of electric systems and installations.

  • Testing of high-current and high-voltage systems.

Digital Industry:

  • Development of Industrial Internet of Things architectures.

  • Predictive analytics and control algorithms.

  • Control and optimization of smart grid and energy communities.

  • Energy integration and management.